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How the Colombian student movement won

From the Preorg! blog, published 21 May 2013. Original at: http://preorg.org/howthecolombianstudentmovementwon/ In 2011 the Colombian government proposed a sweeping marketization program for the Colombian higher education system, including allowing private capital to invest in public universities. Students across the country rose up to fight the proposals. By the end of the year the protests against the reform had forced the government… Read more →

YoSoy132: Student-led Uprising in Mexico – An interview with Patrick Cuninghame

CW: What is the deal with YoSoy132? Patrick: It’s kind of a weird movement, because it started in the private universities, in a very upper class Catholic private university called Iberoamericana.  It’s probably one of the more progressive private universities, because it has a quite independent and active faculty trade union.  It arose in response to Enrique Peña Nieto who… Read more →