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The Undercommons (ULCA)

https://theundercommons.wordpress.com/ We are a collective of Black graduate students (the Black Infinity Complex) who want to cultivate space of revolutionary learning in another dimension on UCLA’s campus. You are invited to The Undercommons, a series of spectacular get-togethers where “the maroon community of the university” (Moten & Harney) can come together across difference to collude and collaborate and to share… Read more →


M Adams and Karma Chavez (Undercommoning Encounter 001, June 4 2015)

On June 4, 2015, Undercommoning held its inaugural workshop in Madison, Wisconsin. The closing session was our first Encounter session with M Adams and Karma Chavez, moderated by Thea Sircar. What is the role of university workers in supporting undercommoning and radical resistance occurring in our communities? How can we appropriate the resources of the university to take action beyond… Read more →