EXCO (Experimental Community Education – Twin Cities)


Experimental Community Education of the Twin Cities (EXCO) is a collective dedicated to supporting community initiated  educational opportunities as a means for social change. Classes organized through EXCO are spaces of learning where people share their talents in an inclusive, open, non-hierarchical, and non-coercive setting. EXCO brings
together community members, organizations, and movements to engage in a shared education mission.

Therefore, EXCO has many parts:

We Are a School

We work to bring together community members who have expertise to share with participants seeking out information and education not otherwise found in traditional institutions. We have courses where there are no grades, no requirements, and where learning is shared by all. We believe that EXCO classes are opportunities where educational is accessible to everyone.
Our core principle is that everyone can teach or take classes and all classes are free.

We Are a Community

From our organizing collective, to our participants, to our facilitators, and to our community partners, we bring together dedicated community members working together on shared progressive goals.

We Are a Movement

EXCO aims to transform education. We seek to change the nature of education from within our own universities as well as transform the purpose of education. We aim to partner with and help other movements in their educational goals.

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