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The NLRB Columbia Decision and the Future of Academic Labor Struggles

The question of graduate employee labor is now (once again) settled.  Today the National Labor Relations Board announced its three-to-one ruling in favor of graduate student teaching and research assistants at Columbia University, overturning the twelve-year-old precedent established in its 2004 ruling against grad employees at Brown.  (Brown itself overturned a four-year-old decision in favor of grad students at NYU.… Read more →


Undercommoning Within, Against and Beyond the University-as-Such

Originally published by ROAR Magazine: Undercommons (n.): The networks of rebellious solidarity that interlace within, against and beyond dominant institutions and power structures Undercommoning (v.): The conscious and unconscious labours and process of interlacing the undercommons The Undercommoning Project (n.): A network of radical organizers working in the shadow of the university. The University-as-Such (n.): Their dream, our nightmare. Beyond… Read more →


Not Your Academy: Occupation and the Futures of Student Struggles

Originally published in Is This What Democracy Looks Like? Social Text Periscope issue. Read the original here: Not Your Academy: Occupation and the Futures of Student Struggles By Zach Schwartz-WeinStein This essay has been tasked by the editors of this dossier with answering what it would mean should the Occupy movement’s contributions to radical democracy permeate contemporary student struggles. This is… Read more →


Death of a Zapatista – Neoliberalism’s Assault on Indigenous Autonomy

The Zapatista struggle continues … Subcomandante Marcos ceases to exist …Galeano lives.  – by Levi Gahman – … from the mountains of the Mexican Southeast … On Friday May 2, 2014 an Indigenous Zapatista teacher, Jose Luis Solís López – known by his name ‘in the struggle’ as ‘Compañero Galeano’ – was ambushed and murdered. He was beaten with rocks… Read more →