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Join us for our first open online strategy session March 25, 3:45pm EST

All those who struggle within, against and beyond the neoliberal, neocolonial university are invited to join us on March 25 (15:45-17:15 EST) for a special online/offline strategy session, broadcasting live from the Organizing Equality conference in London, Ontario. This session aims to share and discuss the tactics and strategies organizers are using to create spaces of autonomy and solidarity. See… Read more →


CFP: From Sanctuary to Sabotage: Fighting the Fascist Creep at and beyond Universities

CALL FOR PROVOCATIONS (April 30, 2017) The 2016 US election has been framed as both a decisive break from “politics as usual” and as a continuation and intensification of longstanding racialized, gendered, and sexualized global class warfare. In this allegedly post-truth era, the university seems to have emerged as a key site of struggle, from the sanctuary campus movements to… Read more →


Join Us! Undercommoning “Open House” sessions Dec 6 and 11

The Undercommoning Collective is looking for new members to help organize a network of militant refusal and creative solidarity within, against and beyond the neoliberal, neocolonial university. If you might be interested in working with us, we encourage you to join us on one of two “open house” online conversations: Tuesday, December 6, 8pm EST Sunday, December 11, 5pm EST… Read more →

Call out for a Global, Autonomous Weekend of Action and Study

CALLOUT: For a global, decentralized Week of Action and Study against and beyond the university-as-such, October 14-21

Organize an autonomous local event October 14-21! We, the Undercommoning Collective, invite all those over whom the neoliberal, neocolonial university casts its shadow, all those who struggle within, against and beyond the university-as-such, to join us the week of October 14-21, 2016 for a global coordinated decentralized day of radical study and action. We encourage local organizers to plan an… Read more →


Undercommoning Within, Against and Beyond the University-as-Such

Originally published by ROAR Magazine: Undercommons (n.): The networks of rebellious solidarity that interlace within, against and beyond dominant institutions and power structures Undercommoning (v.): The conscious and unconscious labours and process of interlacing the undercommons The Undercommoning Project (n.): A network of radical organizers working in the shadow of the university. The University-as-Such (n.): Their dream, our nightmare. Beyond… Read more →


Call for Provocations: Stealing from the University – rolling deadline

Call for Provocations Stealing from the University: Within, Against & Beyond the Criminal Institution ** Submissions are accepted on an ongoing basis ** This is not another call for papers about the University in Crisis. This is our first call for provocations that demand we go beyond familiar complaints and challenge ourselves to organize. Recent student-led uprisings at Missouri, Ohio State, Duke, Appalachian… Read more →


Undercommoning the University Workshop, 4 June 2015

        Undercommoning: A Workshop June 4, 2015 313 University Club, University of Wisconsin-Madison Free and Open to the Public. 9-10:30 AM  Opening Session: Discussion of The Undercommons: Fugitive Planning and Black Study by Fred Moten and Stefano Harney (Facilitators: Elise Thoburn and Eli Meyerhoff) Discussion questions: What do Moten and Harney mean when they recommend criminality as our… Read more →