The Undercommons (ULCA)

We are a collective of Black graduate students (the Black Infinity Complex) who want to cultivate space of revolutionary learning in another dimension on UCLA’s campus. You are invited to The Undercommons, a series of spectacular get-togethers where “the maroon community of the university” (Moten & Harney) can come together across difference to collude and collaborate and to share the radical histories, politics, and joy of our (marginalized) communities.

We will examine the overlapping oppressions that plague UCLA, Los Angeles, the settled land known as the United States, and the diasporas that we are respectively connected to. We hope to develop a community that conspires against the inequalities and hierarchies that the university reproduces, yet violently and strategically obscures. We will examine the fetters of capitalism, whiteness, anti-blackness, immigration policy, settler colonialism, islamophobia, gender and sexual oppressions, and all forms of relational racialization. While there is no such thing as a safe space, we hope to co-create a space that actively rejects the carceral, imperial, profit-seeking, and settler logics of UCLA.

The Undercommons is a meeting space for people with marginalized ways of knowing that are often devalued by the university, but when uplifted and mobilized can spark revolutionary change regarding what “public education” means and how to achieve liberation for working-class black, native and other people of color with our diversity of genders, sexualities, and abilities.

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