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Infracommuner dans, contre et au-delà de l’université-telle-quelle

The following is a French translation of our text Undercommoning within, against and beyond the university-as-such, first published by ROAR Magazine at https://roarmag.org/essays/undercommoning-collective-university-education/ Translation by an anonymous comrade. Infracommuns (n.) : Les réseaux de solidarité rebelle qui s’entrelacent dans, contre et au-delà des institutions dominantes et des structures de pouvoir Infracommuner (v.) : Le travail et processus, conscient et inconscient, d’entrelacer… Read more →


Desiring Alliance and Complex Translations in Activist Research: An Interview with Richa Nagar

Summary: Reflecting on her activist research with a people’s movement in India, Richa Nagar (Professor of Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies, co-author of Playing With Fire: Feminist Thought and Activism Through Seven Lives in India) shares stories about the importance of developing ethical relationships of trust and affect. Within and against the politics of NGOization and caste divisions, she highlights the… Read more →