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Do-It-Yourself Strategies for Revolutionary Study Groups (Black Orchid Collective)

Download the PDF original at: https://blackorchidcollective.files.wordpress.com/2014/04/diy-study-strategies-reading-for-revolution-part-3-final-version-to-share.pdf Part of a three part series “Reading for Revolution,” available here: https://blackorchidcollective.wordpress.com/2014/04/17/reading-for-revolution-part-3-diy-strategies-for-study-groups/ Do-It-Yourself Strategies for Revolutionary Study Groups by Mamos Rotnelli (Black Orchid Collective) Before a new revolutionary strategy becomes a lived reality, it begins as an idea. Of course, ideas are not the driving force of history – human beings struggling for liberation make history… Read more →


“How to Start a Free University” booklet from the Melbourne Free University

From http://melbournefreeuniversity.org/ Download the booklet here. Since the MFU’s inception, we have been getting lots of feedback and requests to start free universities elsewhere in Australia and overseas. To allow more people to share in our endeavour we podcast most of our lectures, but want to do more. We want to support other communities to set up their own free universities.… Read more →