Lincoln Social Science Centre


Why not become a scholar at the Social Science Centre, Lincoln?

The Social Science Centre  provides free public higher education in the city of Lincoln. We call teachers and students ‘scholars’ to emphasise the collective and collaborative nature of the work of the Centre. By studying with the Social Science Centre you can receive an award at the level of a higher education degree, working collectively and in collaboration with other scholars.

The Centre was opened in 2011 by academics and students and Lincoln residents who feel passionately that those wishing to study higher education should not have to take on the burden of debt. There is no fee to pay when joining the Centre, only what you can afford. Free also means freedom to study outside of the current disciplinary structures of higher education around topics and issues that are of direct concern to you and your local community.

The teaching is based in the Social Sciences, which includes Sociology, Politics, Cultural Studies, Gender Studies and Media Studies. You may have some subject knowledge you wish to bring to the Centre and teach to other participants. The Social Science Centre understands that we all have something to learn from each other. There are associated programmes in social photography and creative writing.

The Social Science Centre is not linked to any college or university, and is a completely independent registered co-operative. By studying with the Social Science Centre you may wish to join the co-operative which means you will  contribute more directly to the everyday running of the Centre.

The teaching programme begins in October 2014, with sessions once a week for two hours, usually in the evening. The first sessions will be getting to know each other, finding out about our educational histories so we can build a course to fit our needs and abilities together with others involved with the programme. You do not need any educational qualifications, simply an enquiring and critical mind and a willingness to learn.

The Social Science Centre aims to make all its activities accessible to those with caring responsibilities and with children, and for people who have special needs and capacities.

In May 2013, we featured in the Times Higher Education: Something new in freedom. In November 2013, we wrote an article for Radical Philosophy: An experiment in free, co-operative higher education. To find out more about our work, continue reading.

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