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Here we provide a non-exhaustive list of radical alternatives to the neoliberal, neocolonial university, other platforms for common study. Another learning is possible. We share no nostalgia for the imagined university of the past, nor any for the promised university of the future. We are undercommoning: finding, building and learning other worlds through solidarity in struggle. If you’d like to suggest a project for inclusion, please email us at undercommoning [at] riseup [dot] net.


EXCO (Experimental Community Education – Twin Cities) Experimental Community Education of the Twin Cities (EXCO) is a collective dedicated to supporting community initiated  educational opportunities as a means for social change. Classes organized through EXCO are spaces of learning where people share their talents in an inclusive, open, non-hierarchical, and non-coercive setting. EXCO brings together community members, organizations, and movements to engage in a shared education mission. Therefore,… Read more →


The Provisional University

Active in Dublin The Provisional University is an autonomous research project that emerges in response to the precarious conditions we find ourselves living and working in and a desire to transform them. For us this has meant developing research practices that are situated within the crises of our everyday lives. In this context, research is not a privileged, academic pursuit… Read more →


PrecariCorps PrecariCorps will have four fundamental purposes, and we are currently designing upcoming programs to support each one: To improve the lives and livelihoods of contingent faculty undergoing financial hardship by providing charitable assistance to them in the form of cash assistance and/or grants; To create and distribute educational media to the public, including parents, students, and college communities, that details… Read more →


Free University of Liverpool (2010-2013) Higher Education is a right for all not a privilege for the few. It is on this basis the Free University of Liverpool is committed to FREE education for any student who wants to study with us. At the Free University of Liverpool we believe that critical thought and action are at the heart of changing the world we… Read more →

Radical Education Forum (London) The Radical Education Forum is a group of people working in a wide range of educational settings who meet monthly to discuss radical pedagogical theories and techniques, and contemporary issues of interest to those involved in education. We are interested in how these theories and questions can inform our practice. The Forum supports social justice in education, linking practitioners… Read more →

Collective House Leipzig Map Detail

Radical Practices of Collective Care (blog) This is the blog of a collective research process investigating collective practices of care, reproduction and mutual aid as related to social movements. We are gathering examples of radical practices of caring, housing and food production. Our work is based on a rota of research presentations that feeds into this online toolbox. This project was initiated by Manuela Zechner,… Read more →


Libera Universita Metropolita (LUM) – Rome LUM is a Free Metropolitan University, independent from the academy, that since 2005 organizes open seminars which last one year. Students, researchers, precarious workers, PhD students and professors hold free and public discussions leading to the organization of an annual seminar. Every year it is focused on different issues, such as  transformation of metropolis and its gentrification; human nature… Read more →