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The Fantasy and Fate of Ethnic Studies in an Age of Uprisings: An Interview with Nick Mitchell

In this conversation, feminist studies and black studies scholar Nick Mitchell and Undercommoner Zach Schwartz-Weinstein discuss a range of topics: the politics of criticality; the labor politics of black studies and ethnic studies; the absorptive quality of the university’s administration of difference; the work of fantasy in academic labor; the origins of adjunctification and casualization; Black Lives Matter’s transformation into… Read more →


Infracommuner dans, contre et au-delà de l’université-telle-quelle

The following is a French translation of our text Undercommoning within, against and beyond the university-as-such, first published by ROAR Magazine at Translation by an anonymous comrade. Infracommuns (n.) : Les réseaux de solidarité rebelle qui s’entrelacent dans, contre et au-delà des institutions dominantes et des structures de pouvoir Infracommuner (v.) : Le travail et processus, conscient et inconscient, d’entrelacer… Read more →


Undercommoning Within, Against and Beyond the University-as-Such

Originally published by ROAR Magazine: Undercommons (n.): The networks of rebellious solidarity that interlace within, against and beyond dominant institutions and power structures Undercommoning (v.): The conscious and unconscious labours and process of interlacing the undercommons The Undercommoning Project (n.): A network of radical organizers working in the shadow of the university. The University-as-Such (n.): Their dream, our nightmare. Beyond… Read more →


EXCO (Experimental Community Education – Twin Cities) Experimental Community Education of the Twin Cities (EXCO) is a collective dedicated to supporting community initiated  educational opportunities as a means for social change. Classes organized through EXCO are spaces of learning where people share their talents in an inclusive, open, non-hierarchical, and non-coercive setting. EXCO brings together community members, organizations, and movements to engage in a shared education mission. Therefore,… Read more →

Hedge Schools and Study against Colonialism in Irish History

The first episode of 5 Wednesdays is the story of the hedge school the 18th Century Irish radical education movement. Occupy University has chosen to start this series examining a tradition of hedge school masters, uncertified and in opposition to Church and British State which both kept alive a cultural heritage and laid the foundations for the next century of political and social upheaval.

Patrick Bresnihans engaging and enjoyable talk is education and storytelling combined in the finest Irish tradition. Shot in the theatre at the back of the Ireland Insitute the video also includes nearly all of the informative and engaged discussion after the talk. There are two brief omissions from the ‘as live’ document for technical reasons.


The Provisional University

Active in Dublin The Provisional University is an autonomous research project that emerges in response to the precarious conditions we find ourselves living and working in and a desire to transform them. For us this has meant developing research practices that are situated within the crises of our everyday lives. In this context, research is not a privileged, academic pursuit… Read more →


M Adams and Karma Chavez (Undercommoning Encounter 001, June 4 2015)

On June 4, 2015, Undercommoning held its inaugural workshop in Madison, Wisconsin. The closing session was our first Encounter session with M Adams and Karma Chavez, moderated by Thea Sircar. What is the role of university workers in supporting undercommoning and radical resistance occurring in our communities? How can we appropriate the resources of the university to take action beyond… Read more →