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What do we do?

While we are just getting off the ground now, as a collective, we aim to……

  • Host regular online meet-ups for organizers and thinkers to learn about one another’s struggles and build solidarity and capacity.
  • Publish interviews, transcripts, essays, news and examples from struggles around the world
  • Organize local events where organizers can gather and make common cause.
  • Act as a network for organizers and activists within, against, and beyond the university.
  • Reveal and challenge the North American university as a site working at the junction of settler-colonialism, neoliberal capitalism, hetero-patriarchy, white supremacy and other systems of domination and exploitation. We also diagnose the university as a key institution of power that works in concert with police, prisons, the financial system, the ‘lower’ education system, punitive state bureaucracies, culture industries and other means of oppression.
  • Catalyze intersectional solidarity between and beyond laborers of the university, including: precarious academic workers; clerical, technical, food service, maintenance, and other support workers; subcontracted workers; exploited student laborers; international learners’ and those ejected from or refused by the university.
  • Valorize the labor of the “undercommons”, promoting the autonomy of these forms of bottom-up refusal, collaboration, solidarity and mass intellectuality that the university at once subjugates and requires for its survival.
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Our hallmarks

  • Anti-colonial: towards the reclamation and revalourization of Indigenous, non-white and proletarian forms of learning/study/community-building/praxis.
  • Anti-racist: Towards a politics of liberation, against the afterlives of slavery and  ongoing forms of racial capitalism which universities sustain and reproduce
  • Anticapitalist: against the university as an Edu-factory and against schools as reproducers of class relations
  • No nostalgia: for the public education or Keynesian university-that-never-was
  • Feminist: for dismantling patriarchy and hetero-and-cis-sexism
  • Trans-&-Queer-Liberationist: Towards a queer rebellion, against homonormative forms of capture and the valo(u)rization of new capitalist demographics
  • Autonomist: grassroots self-organization, extraparliamentary, non-sectarian
  • Accomplices: beyond allyship, strategizing with, not for, and ready to betray academic institutions
  • Undercommoning: radical networks, resource redirection, subversion, non-participation
  • Experimentation/exodus: radical creativity and courage
  • Solidarity: learning/study in league with communities, struggles, etc.
  • Strategic optimism: not just a pity party or a social club

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Our June workshop



Watch the closing session, our encounter between M Adams and Karma Chavez